Another of our British castle visits saw us hitting Caerlaverock Castle in Dumfries and Galloway during our short holiday in Scotland in 2010. The castle was impressive-looking from the outside. Built in the thirteenth century from sandstone and with a triangular design the castle was also protected by a moat. Not being a large fortification it was a simple matter to walk around the moat’s exterior in order to see and photograph the castle from every direction.

Unlike Threave Castle in the vicinity there was no need to make use of a boatman to get us across to the castle’s interior this time as the moat was fairly narrow and easily crossed by a small bridge. The ruins of the inside of Caerlaverock Castle were not so all-encompassing as to prevent plenty of wandering around, up, and on.

Outside the castle were a few siege weapons. Caerlaverock had been besieged a number of times in its past and reenactments are a regular occurrence at the Scottish castle. I’m always partial to a nice trebuchet although the one we saw was pretty small.


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