Not far from where we live is a small piece of coastal woodland and wetlands called Broadmarsh Coastal Park. We’d seen the signs to it for many years as it’s on the way to the nearest tip when we infrequently clean out the house of junk. In 2015 we decided to take a look at it for the first time ever. A mostly empty car park didn’t seem to indicate it was much visited but this turned out to be not quite true as people found other places to park their card and avoid paying for tickets. We gave ourselves an hour, not expecting there to be too much to see but the walk was better than we reckoned on and I’d have liked to have spent longer there. Our walk took us along the coast first in one direction towards Farlington Marsh and then back, over the A27, and into wooded area towards Havant. We had to return by this time but there were plenty of waterside views, birding areas, fields, trees, and pylons to satisfy my desires to take some photos of the surroundings.


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