One of the highlights of our first trip together to America in 2011 was an overnight trip to Boston, Massachusetts with my sister-in-law’s boyfriend. The reason for this trip was because both he and I supported the New England Patriots American Football team and he’d managed to get hold of tickets for himself, my wife, and me. We flew up from his place in Gaithersburg, Maryland where we picked up a rental car and checked into a hotel the night before. The game was a Monday night game which left a fair amount of time on the morning of the game for a bit of a wander and explore of the city of Boston; this was undertaken by just me and my wife as our companion on the trip was a late sleeper. The weather was fantastic; really crisp because it was November but piercing blue skies that lit up the streets and buildings of Boston making everything look clean and bright.

At the waterfront area not far from our hotel we’d spotted a man standing at the edge of a jetty gesticulating and talking loudly. We sidled up nearby carefully before realising he was a preacher of some kind practicing his sermon to the water. At least that’s what we hope. For all we know his congregation were local Boston fish.

After wandering the waterfront area and stopping for some breakfast (eventually, after the person behind the counter couldn’t understand my accent and had to call for a manager) we crossed over the water via an old and photogenic pedestrian bridge.

Not wanting to get too far from our hotel and conscious that our travelling companion would possibly be awake by this time we looped back to our Boston hotel with me taking as many opportunities to snap a few photos of the city under the glorious sunshine as I could.


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