After our visits to the artificial island of Our Lady of the Rocks and the pretty coastal town of Perast we returned to Kotor by boat. We hadn’t initially been sure that we would, having had some experience of cruise excursions before where part of the trip would be by boat and part by coach, but this was a welcome event; despite not having air conditioning (which would have been massively appreciated) the boat ride down the Bay of Kotor would offer up more opportunities to take photographs of the hills as well as the towns and communities that lined their bases by the water’s edge.

I didn’t take anywhere near as many photos heading back to the port as I had on the original boat trip up the Bay of Kotor towards our excursion destinations, taking advantage of a swifter pace with less commentary on the return leg to allow the increased breeze to cool me down when possible. Nevertheless, there were some lovely sights captured along the journey; the hills around Kotor are dotted with churches and attractive buildings.

One of the other excursions that we could have booked from the ship or undoubtedly arranged from the port upon arrival was a group kayak trip along the bay. If that’s your sort of thing then it looked pleasant enough as we passed several groups on the boat ride. Needless to say, it’s not our sort of thing. Effort? On holiday? The very thought!

Inside half an hour we were alongside our home for the week in the Mediterranean, the Royal Princess cruise ship, anchored out in the bay. Our balcony was on the port side of the ship so not visible as we passed it and made for the docking area in Kotor. We’d overheard some people remarking that they were planning on taking the tender boat immediately back on board in order to grab some food before heading back to the town to explore it but that seemed a horrible waste of time to us and we would head into the town directly. I understand that the food on the ship is technically already paid for but to give up time (and quite a bit of it when you’re tendering, then heading to the buffet, then coming back to tender again) in order to save probably very little money that could probably benefit the local economy (part of the reason we love to cruise) seems an odd decision-making process to me.


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