The first port of call on our Norwegian Fjords cruise with Princess Cruises aboard the Crown Princess was Bergen. Still buzzing at our surprise upgrade to a balcony I was up early to see the ship approaching the city through Sognefjord. The weather was overcast and drizzly lending everything a grim, grey look but it felt pretty atmospheric.

Bergen didn’t look particularly photogenic from the ship but most ports don’t we’ve since discovered, and the low cloud and general weather conditions may have played a part. It didn’t stop the excitement of waiting to tender ashore for the bus out of the port and into the city.

Bergen was our only stop in Norway in which we didn’t book an excursion. Nothing we’d seen arranged really appealed to us other than possibly riding the funicular but we elected to skip it as we could find things to do in every other port. With an eye on the low cloud as we were docking we reckoned we’d made a good decision but as the day wore on the clouds dissipated and the sun came out so it might still have been a good trip. We made do with walking around and exploring by ourselves.

We noticed plenty of sculptures and other artwork as we wandered the streets of Bergen, both commissioned and somewhat less official.

At one point we happened upon some filming taking place featuring some signs with letters and some frantic waving of Danish flags. Absolutely no idea what any of that was about.

We also spotted the queue for the Fløibanen Funicular stretching down the street. As much as we probably would have enjoyed the ride we’d done the one in Hong Kong a few years earlier so didn’t feel an overwhelming desire to stand in line and hop on another one when there were streets to wander, pictures to take, and even a cafĂ© that served beer that we had our eye on stopping in before returning to the cruise ship.

Late in the afternoon the tender boats took us back to the Crown Princess and we made use of our balcony once more to take in the sight of us departing the very pleasant Bergen. We’ll hope for better weather if we return (and we probably will) and might even take in the funicular this time around.


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