Immediately after we crossed over from Wales onto Anglesey we headed in an anticlockwise direction around the island so that our first stop would be the town of Beaumaris, originally a viking settlement, and sporting lovely views across the Menai Strait to mainland Wales even if the weather was typically Welsh in that it was grey and drizzly.

There wasn’t a lot to do in Beaumaris but that wasn’t the purpose of our stop. As is customary whenever we’re out visiting somewhere we hunt down history and in this case that took the form of Beaumaris Castle, constructed on the orders of Edward I as part of his campaign to conquer north Wales and quell any uprisings in the area. Being symmetrical, consisting of concentric fortifications, and having a moat made Beaumaris a very pleasing castle to see and photograph.

Beaumaris Castle also featured a few areas inside – narrow passageways and a chapel – that helped to make this one of the more intact, more interesting castles to visit.


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