The day after leaving Ushuaia we were due in Punta Arenas, Chile but due to the high wind keeping the Star Princess cruise ship pinned against the Argentine dock we were running late. This did give us a few hours in the morning to look at the various islands and distant mountain ranges as we made progress up the Strait of Magellan towards the Brunswick Peninsula.

In addition to taking photos of our approach to Chile from our balcony we also had a stroll around the mostly empty promenade deck.

We had a couple of views of the tender boats being dropped into position to start ferrying passengers ashore.

I imagine there were a few cancelled excursions at Punta Arenas due to our late arrival in the port. Luckily for us, we’d booked a short trip as nothing else really appealed and this was still doable as it wasn’t due to start until the afternoon. I’m not sure but I think that there was a long trip to Antarctica (by plane) and to a Chilean national reserve park that could have been taken in this port; the former was definitely cancelled and I suspect the latter might have been too as they were full day trips. We’d considered booking the Antarctica trip at one point although it would have meant doubling our cruise price with no guarantee that the flight to the southern polar region would even have taken place. We decided that if we are to visit Antarctica at some point (and we do want to) then it will be on a ship heading there for a number of days to reduce the chance of cancellation.


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