In 2011 I attempted to take part in a personal “Project 365” in which I would take at least one photo every single day of the year. The purpose of the project was to encourage myself to think about different photos – not just taking the same sort of picture every single time – and to learn from the mistakes that would inevitably occur with a huge volume of photos. For the most part this project worked and I do believe that I became better at spotting photo compositions in every little thing I saw; I didn’t just look for street photo opportunities, for instance, which was my love at the time; I would look at macro shots or architectural shots too. However, forcing a photo every day did become a chore and when I missed a day in the December it made me peevish to say the least and I abandoned the project with just a few weeks to go. I would recommend something like this project to budding photographers but the pressure to fire a shot every day when you just don’t know what’s going to happen in the year ahead is something to watch out for.

The photos from the first eleven months of my Project 365 were uploaded to Flickr here: Photo Every Day.

I’ve randomly picked one photo from each month, including one from December which was never published, and reworked them very slightly. Gone are the borders and square crops and in come more balance with the shadows and highlights which is the way I like to process photos right now.

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