I swore I’d never have a blog and the archived version of this site still retains that disclaimer in some form but time passes and things change and the period when I wrote about everything and nothing has dissolved to practically nothing itself. In its place is this new incarnation of the site concentrating on travel and photography; originally this was going to be just a showcase for my own pictures and videos taken on holidays around the world but I’ve come to realise there’s no reason not to include discussions about travelling and/or photography in general too. I wondered if I could do this in a shortform way not far removed from annotated link lists but then I remembered that I do like to put words down too; grudgingly, I came to realise that this was the essence of blogging. No getting away from it now, I suppose.

I won’t set rules for myself about the sort of blog posts that end up here but will let it act as the receptacle for things that don’t quite belong in the portfolio of mostly travel-themed picture posts that make up the main content. Expect links to vacation videos or posts by other people; expect lots to do with cruises (because I happen to like cruises); expect links to portfolio items when I complete sets (and I’ve completed some already so that’s a handy type of filler blog post to come); expect news about upcoming trips planned (and I have some); you get the picture, I’m sure.

The featured image for this post is of the Crown Princess cruise ship during a week-long trip to the Norwegian fjords in 2013.

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