BrutThis is a public service announcement to remind men out there that classic aftershave Brut is still available to buy.

Forget about your fancy, expensive smells. Forget about your designer bottles and ludicrously lavish packaging. Brut isn’t a poncey eau de toilette. Brut is a man’s aftershave.

It smells like a man smelled in the seventies. Not in his seventies. The seventies. It smells like it for approximately eight minutes before the odour evaporates but that’s more than long enough to feel like a real man.

There’s none of that dabbing behind the ears, on the wrists, and light application to the cheeks and chin with Brut. Henry Cooper wanted you to "splash it all over" and BY GUM THAT’S WHAT YOU’LL DO! At under three quid a bottle you can bathe in it and gargle it too.

Men! Rediscover the great smell of Brut today!

Just ignore the homoerotic adverts from the seventies.

Warning! The following advert contains permed hair, sweaty exercising, towel flicking, and gratuitous use of a fist.

Warning! The following advert contains excessive nipple rubbing and disappointment at the appearance of a woman.

Author: Mark

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