It's the weekend which means I get some time to go back through some old photos and try out some new processing on them. I'm also going to submit this for #SaturdayStyle / #SAS curated by +lynn langmade and +lane langmade even though it doesn't technically fall within the scope of "fashion, design/d├ęcor, architecture, or art/photography" of the theme for three reasons:

1) I'm a rebel who doesn't abide by the rules (in my mind),
2) Lynn and Lane are forgiving sorts (also, possibly, in my mind),
3) It does represent style to me (now that one's true).

This is the way to holiday (or vacation if you're American (but I'm not so it's still holiday)) in style: cruising. Every other day a new sight in some distant land interspersed with luxurious and relaxing days on the sea; swimming pools; live entertainment every evening; restaurant dining; formal nights; dancing (okay: not dancing) in clubs with ocean views; maids who tidy up your room ten times a day (yeah, what's that about?) and leave chocolates!

This shot is from our honeymoon in 2008 aboard the Diamond Princess, cruising around the South China Sea and stopping at China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand. It was such a fantastic experience that, given a choice, we will always pick a cruise again for a holiday over anything else. In fact, since next year will be our fifth wedding anniversary we've already got funds set aside for our next big, stylish break, this time – hopefully – cruising around South America.

Processing-wise, I've extended the tonal range of this shot, oomphed (note: may not be an actual verb) up the vibrancy a bit, and then hard-light blended an urban acid-treated copy over the top to accentuate the blues.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Fantastic story Mark. I love these colors…the blue and yellow really match nicely. Have fun with processing the old ones!

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  2. Alight +Mark Hooper! Thanks for your #saturdaystyle shot! We are forgive but i do think this has its own photographic style so it works! I love the WOW factor of the bold yellow and bright blue. We should call this 'nautical style'! Ha! Great photo with expert processing!

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  3. Nice! There are some neat tricks to be had with that hard light blend mode, no? It's become one of my regular go-to methods.

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