Portsdown Hill

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my mum's death. To mark the occasion my dad, my wife and I, and my brother, his wife, and their two kids arranged to meet on the top of Portsdown Hill overlooking Portsmouth with the intention of setting off some Chinese lanterns at sunset.

There are some safety precautions you need to take when using Chinese lanterns: it can't be too windy, you shouldn't stand underneath power cables when releasing them, you should always try to refrain from setting yourself alight, and it's best to pre-warn local UFO forums that there's no need to panic. Three of these steps are in your own hands but the weather is the one thing out of everyone's control (until next year, shareholders in Mark's Meteorological Mayhem Inc. (I swear this time)). Nevertheless, we made every effort to check what the forecast was using a variety of weather apps on phones and it was anticipated that we would be facing either clear, cloudy and clear, overcast, or partially cloudy conditions for the occasion.

The wind howled and swept up from the south, the banks of deep, dark clouds rolled up and over the hill, and the rain absolutely pissed it down.

So we went to the pub instead. Mum would have liked that.

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  1. +Mark Hooper – sorry for your loss but it sounds like going to the pub was the right choice. Thank you for sharing with Monochrome Monday.

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  2. Used to love going up there with my Dad. We'd drive up that way and get a hotdog from the van before trooping off to visit my Grandad in Lee-on-Solent.

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