Occupy London

I popped up to London yesterday and – among many other things – decided to hop along to St Paul's Cathedral and check out the OccupyLSX group there. Very peaceful, very quiet, very disparate people, and – to my eyes at least – very disparate ideals on show. Some seemed to want to an end to capitalism altogether, others that the fat cats should pay, others for just a shake up in general, some wanted anarchy, etc. The lack of a single message could be taken as a negative thing but I'd like to think that it's positive that so many differences can come together under one umbrella of good old-fashioned, British uppitiness. Hooray for them!

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Author: Mark

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  1. I keep meaning to go down there with a camera, but been laid up in bed with manflu the last few days. I think it must be challenging to portray it as it actually is, rather than just the parts of it that we find interesting/unusual or communicate what we think its about.

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  2. +Paul Brocklehurst I was only there for about fifteen minutes but it was surprisingly quiet; it had the feel of a morning at a festival with all the tents packed closely and groups of people sitting around looking a little down, a little vacant. Interesting, nonetheless.

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