Matlock Bath

Back from our short jaunt to Yorkshire and much photo uploading, deleting, and basic processing is taking place, as one might expect.

Our first stop – unless you count the service station when I needed to pee, and I'm not so you shouldn't (and, besides, there are no photos of the service station or of anything that occurred in the toilets (you'll be immensely pleased to hear (really should stop nesting comments inside parentheses now))) – was in the Peak District, so called on account of its peaks and it being a district if I were to hazard a guess. We parked up in a lovely little place called Matlock Bath and had a wander up and down its main, winding road, checking out the shops selling interesting touristy tat (the missus bought a rather lovely, textured hoodie that looked like it could have been designed by Giger) and enjoying the views of the hills and houses, the river, and the people. Very nice place indeed.

For #MonochromeMonday curated by +Bill Wood, +Charles Lupica, +Jerry Johnson, and +Hans Berendsen.

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Author: Mark

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  1. I'm not too far away this weekend, over the border in Derbyshire.

    The Peaks is a lovely area of the world.

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  2. Lovely place Matlock. We drive through there on our way to visit family in Stockport. Nice area all round. Some places remind me of League of gentleman in the peak districts 🙂 Nice shot +Mark Hooper

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