Our stay in Wakefield in 2011 for one of our annual rugby league visits was long enough to incorporate a few day trips to nearby places of interest and as I’d never been to York before this was one of the places we hit.

We ended up using a Park and Ride bus to get into the city from the outskirts and this set us up very close to Clifford’s Tower, the keep area of what was York Castle. We’re quite fond of a castle as any search through our travel photos from the United Kingdom especially will show you so we immediately headed for this one and headed inside as well as, of course, up.

We hit the Jorvik Viking Centre next as we’ve got an interest in history and my wife’s genealogy appears to include some viking heritage in it. It was interesting but very busy with schoolkids when we visited. From there we had more of a general walk around York taking in a nose around The Shambles where souvenirs of the trip were bought and taking photos of some of the more interesting-looking sights in the city; I particularly liked the city wall. We had intended to visit the cathedral but our general rule of thumb when it comes to cathedrals is to donate at or above the suggested donation level after visiting but we refuse to go in any that demand an entry fee especially when it’s marked as a donation for tax purposes and a suggestion for legal reasons but you don’t get the option to refuse.


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