We had been due to have two stops in Japan and only one day in Hong Kong but an outbreak of Norovirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship before we’d boarded had scared the Japanese authorities enough to get them to refuse the ship for one of its visits (we only went to Okinawa) which meant the cruise line arranged for a two-day, overnight stay in Hong Kong instead. I don’t know whether we arrived a day early or left a day late but on the day we turned up we were docked in the commercial dock area of the city giving us a familiar sight of industrial containers and cranes. Under such a lovely sky we didn’t mind the view at all.

Victoria Peak

The excursion we’d booked first took us to Victoria Peak where we squeezed through the crowds, boarded the funicular train, and rode it to the top giving us commanding (if a little hazy) views of Hong Kong.

Stanley Market

After Victoria Peak we picked up our tour bus once again and headed for a brief shopping trip to Stanley Market. I picked up a lovely silk shirt and then waited down by the water’s edge for the rest of our group to finish picking up whatever souvenirs they were after before getting back on the bus once more.


Our next stop was Aberdeen in Hong Kong where we went for lunch on a floating restaurant then took a slow boat ride around the many other boats, home to the Tanka people, historically associated with fishing in Hong Kong harbour.

Back on dry land we had one more short stop at a jewellery workshop to give some of our fellow cruisers another opportunity to buy some local merchandise before we were driven back to the commerical docks and our ship.


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