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Here's where you'll find photographic reviews from my trips around the world. They're in no particular order because I'm adding them in at random from my extensive collection of pictures but you can filter the results once you drill down into the posts; for instance: Cruises or European vacations or photos from places we've visited in the United Kingdom.

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  • Amsterdam Cruise On Azura
    A quick summary of our short cruise on the P&O ship Azura that had a few changes imposed on it first by the weather and then by striking workers in France (I know! Who ever would have imagined a French person striking!?) This post includes links to the various portfolio posts already uploaded on the site featuring lots of photographs of the points of interest on the ship and in the numerous places that we visited in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, all of them courtesy of the fabulous I Amsterdam city cards we picked up in advance. More on that in the post too.
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