Obviously, this site is now travel-based to a large extent because I like to travel and if you’ve used your eyes and checked out the various posts that have appeared and are still appearing in the travel and photography portfolio here then you might also spot that my favourite form of travel is by cruise ship. I’m mostly loyal to Princess Cruises but, because they conveniently set sail mostly from not too far from where I live and they offer regular, short breaks and because cruises with them count towards Princess’s loyalty system, I’ve also started to travel with P&O. While I consider myself experienced enough to no longer really need cruising tips I still subscribe to a decent number of cruise vloggers on YouTube for a number of reasons:

  • To check out ports and excursions I haven’t seen or may be about to experience for the first time on an upcoming trip.
  • To compare Princess and P&O with other cruise lines even if it’s not likely I’ll holiday with them.
  • Since I don’t take very many videos of cruises myself (and those that I do aren’t of very good quality) it’s nice to revisit some sights and ships.
  • Just as a pick-me-up occasionally; it’s nice to live vicariously through other people’s travels abroad.
  • Some of the vloggers just seem like nice people.

Here’s a partial list of YouTube cruise vloggers I currently subscribe to along with a sample video in each case. It’s not an exhaustive list by any means.

Tips For Travellers

Gary Bembridge is the host of Tips For Travellers which features well-produced, high quality videos, very often of the “Top 5” or “Top 10” tips for some port, cruise line, ship, type of trip, etc. format. One of the things that sets Gary’s videos apart is that they will feature river cruises as well as traditional ones and that’s something that’s interested me for a while now, just not quite enough to take one on yet. I’m insanely jealous of just how much Gary gets to actually travel around the world but I do have more hair so we’ll call it a draw.

Scott Singer Cruises

Scott Singer produces far more raw videos, with walkthroughs of ships and port stops featuring heavily. Video quality is good, although sound varies depending on whether he’s pointing the camera at the sights around or at himself. I’ve gotten to watch quite a lot of his videos as he’s cruised with Princess quite a few times. This particular video I’ve shared here is from his stop at Kotor on the Royal Princess which is something we’ve done as well (although it’ll be a while before the video and pictures are posted in the portfolio yet); it was great to see the cats in the walled city and here him mention how how it was because those are two strong memories of our day there too.

Very Unoffical Travel Guides

The Very Unoffical Travel Guides are hosted by Morgan O’Brien, most of the time presented and edited in a pretty humorous way. As he’s European-based but American there’s a broad range of cruises explored but he’s fond of Royal Caribbean, Disney, and theme parks so they feature heavily.

Cruise Addict

Cruise Addict doesn’t just feature cruise videos but it does feature a lot and it’s even featured Star Princess from earlier this year which brought back a lot of fond memories of our own cruise on the ship the year before (at time of posting I’ve just started adding portfolio posts for the ship here: Star Princess). The videos aren’t presented or narrated but they give a good, atmospheric feel for being on the vessels.

Sea Cruisers

The Sea Cruisers are a couple of Florida-based travel agent sisters and their kids (in an unconventional but seemingly working family dynamic) who get to cruise a lot because of their job and location. They’re very warm, positive people and this lends their videos a very warm, positive feeling (especially the featured video here but that’s mostly because of the alcohol) although there’s not the huge variety in travelling that some other vloggers have as they tend to stick to their home port and Caribbean cruising.


  1. What no Sherri? CruisetipsTV? 🙂 Surely you follow her (and family) YT videos, esp as they are fellow Princess cruisers

    • I do but I wanted a bit of a mix and to leave some for a Part 2 that I should probably get around to adding at some point. I get distracted easily.

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