One of the YouTube cruise vloggers I follow is Don of Don’s Family Vacations; his channel is typically a list of tips regarding certain aspects of cruising although the couple of featured videos I’m sharing below don’t fall in that category. He doesn’t have the polished production of other channels but he more than makes up for it in amiability.

Some recent popular video uploads to his channel featured accounts of his best and worst cruises.

Best Cruise Ever

A fellow travel agent pulling out of an accompanied cruise group led to a free cruise for Don that initially started badly – a leak in his room – but picked up considerably thereafter. An upgraded room is just the start of a fabulous time that saw him the centre of attention amongst the people with whom he was travelling.

Worst Cruise Ever

We’ve all seen those free offers that most of us are well aware are too good to be true. There are, however, gullible people out there and it’s one thing for a responsible travel agent to tell his clients “No, it’s a scam!” but it makes it a lot easier if you deliberately take up the offer just to see how bad it is. Don duly does this and recounts how bad a free cruise can be.

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