A selection of some of the videos I’ve been watching recently on YouTube which, as you can probably tell from the title of this blog post, are related to cruises and vlogging.

The Best Cruises From Four Major Cruise Lines

This is an updated version of a video Jim Zimmerlin had uploaded a few years before and takes a look back at the (to then) 42 cruises he and his wife had taken, picking the best cruise from each of the four major lines, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, and Princess. What I found most interesting about this video was the difference between what made the first three great for Jim – ship features; in some cases very expensive features that he could afford – and the last – the experience of cruising to the destination itself. As readily-acknowledged fans of Princess as you can tell from a search through this site (posts tagged with Princess Cruises) this was nice to see.

P&O Oriana Cruise and Tour (mini-cruise)

We’re pretty much doing this exact same cruise and exact same excursion later this month so it made sense to spoil the surprise of both and see how other people (in this case Jamie) got on doing it. Oriana will be the oldest and smallest cruise ship we’ll have been on but it looks like she’s got some interesting art deco touches and that promenade looks gorgeous. As odd as this may sound we’re really looking forward to the less modern ship.

Typical Day At Sea | 15 Day Repositioning Cruise

A new discovery on YouTube for me was Kara and Nate who have a very infectious, very positive outlook on their travels that really shines through. While they’re American this particular video takes place on the P&O Cruises ship Azura (a ship with which I’m familiar: posts tagged with Azura) which is typically very, very British indeed and showcases how they don’t get bored on sea days during a transatlantic crossing. A little too much working and working out for my liking and not enough drinking but, again, they’re American so you need to cut them some slack. Except for the wearing of the baseball cap to dinner. As commenters on the video rightly point out.

Another of Kara and Nate’s videos that was of interest to me was a small (2 days, 1 night) luxury cruise in Halong Bay – Halong Bay Luxury Cruise | Signature Cruise – not so much for the cruise (although it looks a wonderful experience) but for the location as we’ll be visiting there later this year.

MSC Meraviglia | Vlog Part 9 | Passengers Almost Miss The Ship!

From the Honest Cruisers is part of their current series documenting a cruise aboard the MSC Meraviglia which features a lovely sailaway from Malta and some of the interior of the ship. We’ve been considering cruiselines outside the Carnival brand for a few months now in the wake of the loyalty scheme stopping between P&O and Princess and MSC has been top of our consideration for a while because of their perk-matching programme. However, a review from Paul and Carole (see previous blog: Site And Social Updates: January 2018), some worryingly bad reviews about the new flagship, Seaside, from numerous vloggers, and videos like this one from Ben and David which illuminate some of the noise, general design, and some of the odd class distinctions with beverage packages, etc. have got us thinking again. People like different things and we’re not quite sure MSC is really us. We might change our mind.

Idiot on the Open Sea! – Hawaii Cruise Day 1

I’ve saved the best for last. I’d never heard of Greg Benson before but he’s got a Wikipedia page so that means he’s important. Probably. More importantly, as far as this blog is concerned, he’s taken some cruises like the one I’ve featured here to Hawaii but also to Alaska and several on JoCo theme cruises (no, I’d never heard of that either but it’s apparently “all the best parts of cons and music festivals—gaming, concerts, comedy, hanging out with your tribe—with absolute dominion over an entire cruise ship filled with free food, fruity drinks and swimming pools”). These are not your typical cruise vlogs. Greg and Kim and their parents are hilarious. They must be watched. Come for Greg’s cruise vlogs; stay for Greg’s general douchebaggery.

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