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  • Wow AirWebsite And Social Media Updates: September 2017
    The work of a website owner is never done and it's not all just blog posts and portfolio updates featuring images of wonderful places and fabulous memories; there's also a bit of tinkering that goes on around the site from time to time and even though the site isn't that old in terms of its new travel and photography direction I do tweak things every now and then to see what impact it has. This post contains a list of changes around the site in terms of layout or features as well as some changes on social media too carried out recently.
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Travel & Photography

Here's where you'll find photographic reviews from my trips around the world. They're in no particular order because I'm adding them in at random from my extensive collection of pictures but you can filter the results once you drill down into the posts; for instance: Cruises or European vacations or photos from places we've visited in the United Kingdom.