Yin Yang

I don't know why I found myself drawn to the guy in the white top; it was probably the intense concentration on his phone and complete obliviousness to the world around him. As such, I felt comfortable taking my time to line up a shot on him.

And very luckily too, as just as I depressed the button to take the shot my target's doppelgänger from the mirror universe popped into existence. I had a moment of mixed emotions – joy at witnessing and capturing the rare event as well as confusion trying to work out which was the evil twin – but it was, sadly, fleeting as the two men came into shocked contact with one another, their oppositely-charged component atoms annihilating one another in a frightening matter-antimatter explosion larger than any recorded in Chichester this past year.

A fortuitous happenstance that I was using the telephoto lens today otherwise I might have been singed.

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Author: Mark

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  1. I've been mistaken for other people quite a few times. I feel sorry for the other guys, I guess, but I've never wanted to meet any of them in case one of them might be a true doppelganger. I mean, what would I do . . . besides BOOM! And I hate loud noises.

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