Workspace Friday

+Darren Rye wants to nose at everyone's workspaces so here's mine.

Since it's not really practical to process RAW photos from my 5D Mark II while at work this is shot instead using my Nokia Lumia 800 using the Pro Camera app that comes as part of Fhotoroom and then processed with the Thumba app to compensate for the greyness of the day by pretending it's all bright and summery.


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Author: Mark

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  1. Another pint-glass user. Good work, and I'm very jealous of your screenage.

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  2. Looks good, though could do with a bit more mess ;). I like the positioning of the fan to blow away any paper that strays onto your desk.

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  3. +Andy Burke There's an open window to my right too; anyone who dares to put anything down in front of me is in for a long walk down three flights of stairs and out the back of the building to try to recover it.

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  4. This man has it all planned.  Who needs a teflon desk when you've got wind power?

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  5. Sounds like an excellent excuse for when the boss asks "Didn't you see the memo?"

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