Women Wednesday

It's #WomenWednesday curated by +Lee Daniels, +Niki Aguirre, +Christina Lawrie, and +Athena Carey.

Towards the end of my lunchtime – one fairly fruitless in terms of photography opportunities – two women started to chat to one another just in front of me. Knowing one of the themes of the day was women-related I thought I'd get a good chance to take a picture but there always seemed to be someone passing in front or one of the two women was turned at an awkward angle. I almost gave up completely when the two women indicated that they were about to part but just as they did so one obviously made a funny remark that caused the other to laugh; she continued to laugh as she left her friend and, fortunately for me, headed straight in my direction.

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Author: Mark

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  1. What a great and most perfect moment…. I love how life gives you that, especially as you wait and wait for it, like you did. 🙂

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