Woman, Shadows, Beijing, 2008

Just having a nose through some old folders this morning – specifically those around our honeymoon in November of 2008 in Asia – and I discovered that there are dozens and dozens of photos that I took but never decided to process or upload, this being one of them. Of course, I was younger and more inexperienced around photography then and probably thought that this photo of an old Chinese woman sitting on a stone plinth was no good as you couldn't see her face thanks to the shadows; now, this photo appeals to me so much more. Weird how attitudes to aesthetics changes over time.

What I would have given to not have that car in the background but c'est la vie and there's no use moaning about it now.

Submitted for #ShadowsOnSunday curated by +André Roßbach and +Daniel Graupner.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Good shot! Content Aware Fill and a couple of minutes clean-up cloning in Photoshop CS5 could take out the car effectively.

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  2. Good one! I posted one the other day too that I'd rejected back in December because it had someone walking through it. Now I do shots without people in them and find them lacking. People add so much – at least in my current aesthetic sense!

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