Woman In The Window

I've not done one of these theme posts in a while.

For #WindowWednesday curated by +Jason Kowing, +Simon Kitcher, and +Jules Hunter.

I don't normally get this close to people in café fronts but on this occasion the woman pictured was so engrossed with her reading that I took the chance.

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Author: Mark

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  1. oooOoooh I fall on my knees!
    1.) cause it's great: Colors, framing, sharpness, light and the perfect lady in the perfect moment
    2.) cause I was walking today through some streets of Berlin looking for exactly this picture and I didn't succeed


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  2. Thank you to everyone for the comments, +1s and shares; much appreciated.

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  3. Beautiful moment, great color rendering, as a whole it has touch of retro. Thanks for sharing. +Mark Hooper Have a good time.

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