Witchcraft Triple

My sister-in-law has popped over from the states for a week and bit to visit (we’re returning the favour next month) and decided to bring an early anniversary present with her: candle holders in the form of a skeleton groom and bride. We are Tim Burton fans but that’s not the reason for the present; our wedding anniversary is actually Halloween. Anyway, that got me thinking about spooky things and that led to this theme for this weekend’s trio of music videos; the macabre, the scary, the decidedly witchy.

The Rattles – The Witch
I only discovered this track a couple of months ago; I can’t stop playing it. Wonderful production and pschedelic overtones.

The Cult – The Witch
I bought a CD of the Cult’s greatest hits many years ago from a second hand music store. I know it’s not a fascinating anecdote but I thought I’d share anyway.

Kate Bush – Waking The Witch
Fan-created video for a song not released (well, it was from the Ninth Wave, the second side of the Hounds of Love album (this is back when music had sides you crazy kids these days with your NB3s and your iTracks), so didn’t have much of a chance); it took me a while to get into the Ninth Wave but I love its concept and this is my second favourite track from it.

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