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Wreathrous Oxide!

Put the FUN back in FUNerals with the Amazing!, Incredible!, Astonishing! Wreathrous Oxide! available exclusively to neOnbubble.

That’s not a rictus on Grandpa Joe’s face! That’s the last laugh and it’s on you!

Solemn final goodbyes are so last year; take a leaf out of the book of laughing by that laughing gnome that David Bowie sang about and transform the next interment ceremony you attend into an entertainment ceremony that everyone will remember! It’s what Joe would have wanted, isn’t it?

Funereal Fun!
Nothing says "I’m going to miss you" like a wreath of leaves and flowers but go that extra yard and take along Wreathrous Oxide next time! Patented technology, genuine British ingenuity, a fresh-cut bouquet, and high-pressure N2O … that’s Nitrous Oxide to you scientists and 100% Laughing Gas to the rest of us mourners!

Requiem For A Giggle!

No more sad send-offs. Snigger and chortle through mass while the church or crematorium fills with the pleasing smell of hilarity. Approved by dentists!

Everyone is dying to get their hands on Wreathrous Oxide!


  • Choice of wreath styles!
  • No liability if pallbearers drop the casket!
  • Ages 2 and up!
Price: £69.99
SALE: £54.99
You save over 20%!
Chear Trap!

Have you just started working in an office and want to find a way to endear yourself to your colleagues quickly? Are you the office prankster looking for that killer new jape that will propel your reputation to dizzying new lows? Is the office prankster in serious need of being given a taste of his or her own medicine?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions then you simply cannot do without the stunning Chear Trap, part of the unbelievable Executive Gadgetry range, a line we’re proud to call our own here at neOnbubble!

With a choice of styles ranging from basic coloured fabric swivel chairs right up to the Luxury Leather Recliner Office Deluxe model and all with a built-in pressure-sensitive trap device capable of incapacitating a fully-grown grizzly bear you’re bound to find a model just perfect for your place of work.

Chear Trap!
Simply swap an existing seat for the fantastic Chear Trap (delivery usually 5-7 days), sit back, and wait for the hysterics to begin. Hysterics guaranteed!

An office that laughs together, loves together!

Your inner clown will love it! And when you see the quality of workmanship and fantastic results obtained at a price that’s too low to be feasible your inner accountant will smile a little too!


  • Easy to clean, blood-resistant!
  • Comes with 1-year guarantee!
  • Bear not included!
Price: From £89.99
SALE: From £39.99
Better than half price!

Author: Mark

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  1. N2O is commonly known to the kids as Daisey Cutters. It is to brain cells as a real 25K lb one is to shrubery. I wrote something similair to this in CFUS for ya a little while back to chear you up. That worked out well eh? I could really use one of the latter in my office. Any extra charge for Next Day Delivery? And would you accept Newport Miles as a proper payment method?

    P.S. If you missed it just do a search for "dismemberment". ;(

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  2. Since you’re in the states we run a special Next Month Delivery service for just 62 of your so-called doll-ers.

    And yes, I saw the dismemberment post, thanks.

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  3. Fantastic! I am going to save my pocket money so that I can purchase both wonderful products! 🙂

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