What On Earth Is Wrong With Gravity?

BBC2, 29th January 2008, 9PM.

Clips from the Horizon programme "What on Earth is wrong with gravity?" featuring the scientist that everyone books when they need a physicist in a pinch, Dr Brian Cox.

Searching for gravity waves in the swamps of Louisiana
Here Brian demonstrates his intellectual superiority to average mortals by exposing his very sensible fear of spiders, creatures apparently drawn to gravity wave experiments like moths to flames or turtles to discussions about genetic drift in cloning.

En route to GPS HQ, Colorado Springs, Colorado
If you like science programmes but wish they could be just a little bit more Top Geary, minus Jeremy Clarkson (of course), then you’ll just love this clip of Brian in his car talking. If you dislike nanoseconds then you’ll love this clip just a little bit less.

Explaining a gravitational wave
Have you ever thought to yourself: how can I explain gravitational waves through space to a person who can’t comprehend that waves can compress and expand and still be waves and aren’t limited to sine curves with seagulls bobbing up and down on them whilst in a diner? Dr Brian Cox supplies the answer in this video clip. Napkins!

Faking the moon landings
Some helpful advice now for any would-be passengers in Dr Brian Cox’s car: don’t mention fake moon landings! Don’t drive angry, Brian, don’t drive angry!

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