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Guess who’s going to Wembley to see the New York Giants versus the Miami Dolphins!

You’ll never guess!

No, go on! Guess!

Give up?

It’s me!

I don’t even like any of the teams! I don’t care! I’m going to see the game!

"Peyton, give us a wave, Peyton, Peyton give us a wave!"

Eli will LOVE that!

Look out for me on TV. I’ll be one of almost eighteen thousand people in the stadium wearing a Patriots Brady #12 top! You can’t miss me!

Author: Mark

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  1. Goodness. I hope I’m not too late. Could you do me a favor and curse loudly and make obscene gestures at the Giants?? Because I HATE them!!

    You could do the same with the Dolphins, I suppose, but that’s entirely up to you.

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  2. You’re not too late Babs; it’s not until the 28th of this month. As for making gestures and swearing at the Giants: never fear! I’ll be doing that to both teams!

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  3. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! I take it this will be your first real NFL game? What kinda of seats did you get? Not very sure of the layout of that stadium. I prefer 50 yard (please tell me they aren’t laying it out to the metric equivalent) line and just a bit up. You get way too close and you really can’t see much due to the crown of the field. But midfield is just right to see all the action. I know the first thing you will be amazed by: the speed. You think that shit looks fast on television. My God. Even though they couldn’t really have picked two crappier teams to see. Common sense would say send over your beloved Patriots….and hope for a plane crash.

    EDIT: Go Phins!

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  4. Cheers Malice. Seats will be high up and more-or-less in line with one of the end zones so that suits me fine. Wouldn’t have wanted to be low down – I watch enough BAFL games from low down and know that it’s better to have a high overview to watch the entire game from. As for crappy teams: hell, I’d have gone to see the Rams and Cardinals. Maybe even the Bears. Maybe.

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  5. And I’ve just ordered an #81 Moss top to wear instead so it’ll be a little harder to spot me. Then again I’ll be standing next to Marie in her Vikings jersey and since she’ll be one of only about four people in purple there it might make things easier.

    Here’s the stadium plan: block 504.


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  6. Even the Bears huh? And you wonder why I am going to choke you one day. But yeah the seats don’t look too bad really. Not bad for your first game. Some day you are going to have to come stateside and maybe just maybe I’ll take you to a proper game @ Soldier Field….so we can sip anti-freeze(hot coco laced with Jack Daniels) freeze our collective nuts off.

    Back to the seats though I like mine like watching a video game. Long story made short I went to a Bears/Bucs game hell it had to be @ least 10 years ago back when they still played in the "Big Sombrero". My buddy and I got some – what we thought were to be – good seats in the front row @ about mid-field. Bad move. The crown of the field was such that when the play went to the opposite sideline the players actually disappeared. I will never again sit that close to any sporting event…except hockey.

    Something good did come out of it when I said "fuck this noise" (I said that a lot back then) and got out of my seat to go check out the Bears sideline. I got to the wall and started looking about at the players when this huge shadow came over me. I am no small man (6′ 1” 200 lbs, translate to stones and meters and that stupid, stupid shit if you’d like. It all pans out I’m a big fucker) mind you so I thought it was the blimp going over that blotted out the sun or something. So turning to my left I was startled – like when you run into a door or any other such immovable object – by this mountain of a man called James "Big Cat" Williams. Looking up all I could really say is, "well hello there big fella". His response was nothing but a stare that had "I WILL CRUSH YOU LITTLE MAN!" And I ain’t no little man. Maybe you can run up on ‘Phins good ol’ #99 so he can crush your pelvis a little.

    Randy Moss is still a punk.

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  7. Also 65 bucks? Cheapo.

    No seating information was changed for any reason. And you call me paranoid?

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  8. The reason for the paranoia is that the tickets were allocated on a lottery basis initially and it was handled awfully by Ticketmaster so that a lot of people were able to work out the incredibly difficult code in order to get other people’s tickets – caused chaos. Some tickets found their way to eBay and this caused frustration and hence a lot of people started cancelling other people’s allocations, etc.

    And 65 dollars? No. I paid double that per ticket. And in Her Majesty’s British Pounds Sterling. Why? Hooray for eBay and touts! The tickets were only available in three price ranges – 45, 65, and 90 pounds – and I originally entered the lottery for the highest price tickets anyway. Since then they’ve started to send out Club tickets at about 130 quid each anyway so next time I’ll probably go that route assuming a) there is a next time and b) I don’t get lucky in the lottery again.

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  9. I feel your pain for sure. My last Bears game I went to – the division clinching game against the dreaded Vikings of Minnesota – I paid roughly $1300.00 (roughly 650.00 quid) for four crappy $90.00 face value tickets. So yeah, GOOOO EBAY!

    Just figured out quid is slang for pound,


    Have fun.

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