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Water LiliesThere’s almost no truth whatsoever in the scurrilous rumour that I’m too busy to put up a proper post and am merely taking advantage of a chance to engage in some viral blogging instigated by the awesomely hot Gia instead in order to keep the site ticking over so just put away those thoughts right now.

If you like synchronised swimming – who doesn’t? – and you like tales of female adolescence centred on three fifteen-year-old girls experiencing first love in very different ways – why, that’s very nearly described my entire DVD collection! – and you want to see why critics have hailed the director and young stars – rather than just guess or use ouija boards – then I heartily recommend you watch Water Lilies.

Watch the first six minutes of Water Lilies now by clicking below, then watch the remainder in the cinema safe in the knowledge you can arrive a little late and still know what’s going on. Assuming you don’t arrive late at the cinema I’m in, of course. Because then I’ll kill you. That start time you see listed? That’s when the film starts. It’s a crazy notion, I know. It’s not a rough estimate either. It’s when the film actually starts rather than when you should join the queue for overpriced popcorn and "small" cups of Fanta the size of your torso. How odd! Wait, where was I? The movie!

Water Lilies might just do for synchronised swimming what Strictly Ballroom did for the paso doble.

Hey! Got your own site? Then paste this code and show this video clip of the first six minutes of Water Lilies to your visitors too.

Regular neOnbubble posting will return after this short break.

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