If there was a #WalterWednesday then this would definitely qualify. But there isn't.

Today I decided to sit down on the ground to take some shots just to get that different angle and to get some steadiness in the picture-taking. Almost as soon as I'd got low this electric mobility vehicle came whizzing through the centre of Chichester. I got a shot before I had time to think and, after looking through the rest of the photos from today, it turned out to be the most interesting to me.

Just to be extra different I then decided to have some fun (my definition may differ from yours) with the processing: three exposures created from RAW at -1.5, 0, and +1.5; Photomatixified (may not be a verb) to black and white; urban acid duplicate created and layered over the top with semi-transparent hard light.

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Author: Mark

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