He's waiting to hear the results of the blood test. Does he have any?

She's waiting for the results of the cat experiment to play out. Can Felix escape from a padlocked bag?

And you'll be waiting for me to upload any more photos for a few days as we're off on a drive "oop nahrth" (translation: northwards) tomorrow to take in our annual viewing of a Super League game when Wakefield take on local rivals Castleford. We'll then be spending a day doing touristy things in Yorkshire before driving back. Two days of being greeted with "y'arriiight loov" (translation: how are you doing?) to come for me! Looking forward to it.

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Author: Mark

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  1. What a great photo to send us off with and have a fantastic trip. Hope your team wins, of course. 🙂

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  2. Great shot. Don't forget your passport, and your phrase book. Looking forward to hearing and seeing highlights of your trip.

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  3. Very cool shot – love the processing/texture of the steps. Have a great trip!

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  4. +Benedict Chui Thanks; nice to see you back around G+ again.

    +Nicole Wells Yes, the jinx is still in full force; another loss witnessed in the flesh. This game also featured crowd violence right behind us which was a novelty (and an unwelcome one) and at least partially the fault of the organisers who decided to segregate the fans rather than letting them integrate on the stands as usual. This then inflated the mob mentality of groups of like-minded (and small-minded) sets of fans and the result was bottles and glasses (both plastic, fortunately) being thrown, fights breaking out, police turning up (never seen any police at a league game before), and people being led away in front of us in handcuffs and/or with blood streaming down their faces. As it was we were standing amongst rival supporters as we weren't aware that there was any segregation taking place and everyone was friendly around us, moaning about the small set of tits spoiling the spectacle for everyone else. We won't be attending the Wakefield v Castleford game next year, that's for certain.

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