Viral Bible

Shamelessly inspired by this tweet

Inspiring the internet generation to pick up the Bible using a few tips and tricks from the headline writers of viral media websites.

Image by Sias van Schalkwyk

This Deity Started With Nothing. What He Achieved In Six Days Will Amaze You!

This Bush Catches Fire And Starts Talking And I Still Can’t Believe What It Says!

These People Started Counting Israelites. OMG… So Many Israelites!

Where These People Set Out From Will Make You Laugh So Much!

I Was Shocked That This Army Murdered Men, Women, Children, And Animals. But Then I Saw God Said It Was Okay. LOL!

This Old Man Receives Some Bad News. What Happens Next Will Truly Shock You!

This King’s Love For Virgins Will End Up Saving His Life! Wow!

This Man Replies To His Friend. What He Says Will Bore The Living Shit Out Of You!

I Learnt That If You Disobey God He’ll Put You In A Fish. And Now I’ll Never Forget It.

This Man’s Wife Is Having Someone Else’s Baby But He’s Sticking By Her. What An Idiot!

This Lamb Can Do Some Amazing Things Without Opposable Thumbs. Unbelievable!

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