Vintage Slug Advertising

Celebrating the golden age of advertising and the marketing world’s flirtation with all things slug-related, when slugs were the thing for every household to have, men wanted to be slugs, and women wanted their men to leave sticky trails across the kitchen floor.

Wait! We still leave sticky trails across the kitchen floor!

Slug Bread
‘Slugs’ White Bread Campaign (1957)

Slug Substitute
Adolph’s Slug Substitute (1959)

Sluggle Kitchen Cleaner (1952)

Slug Appeal
Interwoven’s Slug Appeal (1978)

Forehead Slugs
Keepsake Forehead Slugs (1953)

Slugs Magazine
Slugs Holidaymaking Magazine (1955)

Author: Mark

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  1. Ah the holiday magazine brings it all back to me. I remember visiting Moist Frenchman when I was younger. Don’t think I paid that for it though.

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  2. These are some fine example of the golden age of slug marketing. If I wasn’t already in treatment for my slug addiction, I’d be tempted to run right out and buy some.

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  3. You always want a message that sticks. When the product sticks too, even better.

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  4. Les: I think we’ve all visited Moist Frenchman at some point.

    .45: I hope you’re using the Sluggitinell patch.

    Richard: GROAN – you sound like you’re in marketing.

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  5. I tried to think of something witty to say, but on seeing forehead slug I felt queasy.

    So i will go with Blech!

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  6. Well there you go then! All other comments are moot as of this point because the lead singer of Madness loves slugs. Take that everyone else!

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