Valentine's Day Roses

Or rose's with an apostrophe if you're the writer of the sign on the stall.

A woman picks up eight of the wooden roses, possibly because of the significance of tomorrow, that being one of the many dates throughout the year contrived to get people spending for no real reason; for just this one day do something that you should do anyway but make sure you cough up some money for it. Ah, gets you right here doesn't it?

Romantic? Not me.

Submitted for #MonochromeMonday .

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Author: Mark

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  1. At least wooden roses don't die…? Nah, still a cliche V-day gift. I'm getting the wifey a dozen green onions…she's cooking the meal after all. =P

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  2. And maybe a mop so she can cleanup afterwards. XD
    I am soooo getting my ass kicked if she reads this.

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  3. Screenshot taken; will post to your Facebook wall at earliest inconvenience.

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  4. Nice, but get closer next time. My 2 cents 😉

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