Ultimate James Bond Trivia

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James Bond WhoopiFilm: Dr No (1962).

  • Sean Connery heard the song Under The Mango Tree so many times during filming that he developed a phobia for the fruit.
  • The name of the island Crab Key was chosen because it is an anagram of Car Key B, writer Ian Fleming’s favourite key for opening his car.
  • Although Jack Lord ended up playing Felix Leiter in the movie he originally auditioned for the role of Conch Shell #2 in the beach scene with Ursula Andress.

Film: From Russia With Love (1963).

  • It was impossible to get the rats to run correctly in the catacombs so cats in rat costumes and camera trickery were used instead.
  • Sean Connery refused to buy any lucky heather while filming at the gypsy camp and was subsequently cursed with an inability to render any foreign accents convincingly.

Film: Goldfinger (1964).

  • Ian Fleming became incandescent with rage after the censors insisted that Honor Blackman’s character be named ‘Pussy Galore’ rather than ‘Cuntflaps O’Houlihan’.
  • Harold Sakata – who played Oddjob – became so attached to his bowler hat that he became a stockbroker on the London exchange. He lost everything in the global jambalaya downturn of 1979.

Film: Thunderball (1965).

  • The apparatus that allows Bond to breathe underwater was made from two tampons but Sean still doesn’t know and you mustn’t tell him.
  • The jetpack Bond uses in the escape from the chateau was real. However, the helmet was a hollowed-out watermelon.
  • The frogmen fighting sequence is generally regarded as one of the longest and most tedious moments in cinematographic history.

Film: You Only Live Twice (1967).

  • Literal translations for this movie’s title in other countries include: "Mr Bond In Outer Space" (Canada), "Ninjas, Ninjas, Ninjas" (Ethiopia), and "Worst. Japanese. Impression. Ever." (Japan)
  • Connery’s obsession with tentacle rape anime started during production of this film.
  • The cat stroked by Blofeld in earlier Bond movies could not reappear due to other commitments and a replacement was used.

Film: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969).

  • In the film Draco’s favourite drink is Corsican Brandy. However, in real life actor Gabriele Ferzetti claims he likes nothing better than bleach.
  • George Lazenby and Diana Rigg’s rocky relationship on set is legendary but very few people realise this stems from them being born conjoined twins separated by a paper guillotine at age 7.

Film: Diamonds Are Forever (1971).

  • Despite the looks, Mr Kidd was actually the "man" in his and Mr Wint’s relationship.

Film: Live And Let Die (1973).

  • Jane Seymour became so proficient with the tarot cards during filming that she accurately foresaw her future role as Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman.
  • The scene where two panthers mate viciously and then one is sliced open to reveal a small baby with Roger Moore’s face was cut from the final release of the movie.

James Bond QFilm: The Man With The Golden Gun (1974).

  • The superfluous nipple gimmick was added at the last moment as Christopher Lee found the superfluous buttock too uncomfortable to wear in seated scenes.
  • The bullet in the belly dancer’s belly button was swallowed five times accidentally by Moore and twice on purpose after he acquired the taste.

Film: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).

  • Stromberg clearly has webbed hands in several scenes in the movie. Less obvious is his dorsal fin.

Film: Moonraker (1979).

  • A spin-off movie entitled The Adventures Of Senor Jaws was written but never produced. The script was later adapted as Mr Bean instead.
  • NASA’s original space shuttles more closely resembled peanuts with legs but they were so impressed with the Bond film they changed their design accordingly.

Film: For Your Eyes Only (1981).

  • The legs on prominent display in the movie’s poster are those of Roger Moore.
  • Literal translations for this movie’s title in other countries include: "Not For Your Nose" (Belgium) and "Topol Is In A Bond Film" (Israel).
  • Roger Moore’s underwater scenes were performed by a stunt double as the actor was – and still is – rabid.

Film: Octopussy (1983).

  • British censors wanted the name of the film changed to something less provocative – they suggested "Cephalopod Lady Spy Movie" – but producer Albert Broccoli threatened to destroy London with an atomic bomb and eventually got his own way.
  • The character of Vijay was originally offered to legendary tennis player William Renshaw but he was unable to appear as he had died in 1904.

Film: A View To A Kill (1985).

  • The medal awarded to Bond by the Russians – the Order of Lenin – is real and entitles the owner to two hours free parking in Red Square on weekends.
  • Other actors considered for the role of Zorin included: Matthew Broderick, Kenny Baker, and Fred Savage.
  • Grace Jones was reportedly quite a handful to work with on the set of the film and was frequently distracted by rodeo clowns to protect Christopher Walken from her rage.
  • Simon Le Bon wanted to appear in the movie but the producers sat him down and pointed out he couldn’t act to save his life.

Film: The Living Daylights (1987).

  • The exterior of the hotel in Morocco where Kara drugs Bond is the Hotel Arabian Sands. I know this because I stayed there. The interior is not the Hotel Arabian Sands. I know this because I didn’t stay anywhere that looked like that.
  • The exploding milk bottles used full-fat milk for a creamier effect.
  • Filming was delayed for four days when Timothy Dalton wolf-whistled inappropriately at Maryam d’Abo and lost a testicle following the detonation of the key ring in his pocket.

James Bond BlofeldFilm: Licence To Kill (1987).

  • Anthony Zerbe based his character Krest on the kidnapper he played in 1977 series "The Red Hand Gang".
  • The reason Felix chose Bond to be best man at his wedding was because nobody else in the CIA liked him.
  • The idea of sharks attacking Felix was originally considered too gruesome for a Bond film but Timothy Dalton successfully argued that the alternative – suffocation by tribbles – might be ridiculed by zoologists.

Film: Goldeneye (1995).

  • Alan Rickman turned down the role of Alec Trevelyan as he and Pierce Brosnan have a blood feud going back to the 1970s.

Film: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).

  • The character of Elliot Carver and plot of the film closely satirises the life of Rupert Murdoch who used stealth sheep in 1982 to start the Falklands War.
  • The stealth ship was genuinely developed by Lockheed in the 1980s but it broke its mooring during a storm and nobody has been able to find it since.

Film: The World Is Not Enough (1999).

  • Renard’s inability to feel was the second choice of affliction for the character. Early drafts indicated Robert Carlyle’s character suffered from giggling fits instead.
  • The chair used to torture Bond is from Pierce Brosnan’s personal sadomasochism collection.

Film: Die Another Day (2002).

  • During the sequences filmed in Iceland the crew were subjected to repeated attacks by Bjork who lived in a cave nearby and was overprotective of her newborn young.
  • Literal translations for this movie’s title in other countries include: "Oh God It’s Halle Berry!" (Mauritius), "Oh God It’s Madonna!" (Greenland), and "Bond Versus The Space ‘Laser’" (Bermuda).

Film: Casino Royale (2006).

  • The opening sequence was not supposed to be in black and white but director Michael Campbell bought some dodgy film from Camden Market.
  • Owing to an insistence on realism wherever possible, Daniel Craig’s testicles are still the size of oranges and knotted ropes scare the bejesus out of him.

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  1. RE Dr. No, here’s an interesting bit of trivia: Ursula Andress’ pants that she wore during the ‘dinner scene’ were SO tight that they split right up the back. She had to be sewn back into them so to speak.

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  2. I’d just like to say I laughed really hard reading this. Thanx

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