Two Pairs

I knew it was +Shoes Monday curated by +Laura Harding and +Olga Kafka today and I knew that taking photos of people's shoes (specifically women's shoes because men's are a bit samey) was a risky venture if one wants to avoid a lot of screaming and a battering sensation in the cranial area so I put the telephoto lens on for a change.

At the end of a gloriously bright and warm lunchtime I had precisely no photos of shoes so here is a shot taken a couple of years ago instead featuring my wife (on the right) and her sister showing off their respective Jimmy Choos.

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Author: Mark

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  1. ARRRRRGHGGHGHGH…. I need them. Lovely shot for #shoesmonday – thank you for sharing with us :)

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  2. Can't really add much to what La Shoes Monday said, Mark… this shot is torment! Thank you :)

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