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Twit-OutTwit-Out is the day of protest against Twitter.

How dare the swine at Twitter HQ deliberately do nothing about the network outages and simply laugh away in their luxury leather hammocks in Bali being tended to by midget masseuses, drinking pina coladas, and raking in all the money that the free-to-use and ad-free service supplies! How very dare they!

In case you’re wondering when this day is then it’s today. Unless you’re not reading this on the 21st May 2008. In that case then it was on the 21st May 2008. Wow! Who’d have thought it changed the world that much? Hitler coming back from the dead was crazy but the penguin robot army in Antarctica was definitely my favourite part of the day. Ptew! Ptew! Kaboom! Goodbye Argentina! Awesome!

Twitter’s been having some problems with uptime. Jokes about Pele adverts are not welcome at this juncture. When Twitter has problems, everyone who uses Twitter has problems. And that’s a lot of people. You could say that Twit-Out is a response to Twitter’s regular User-Out protests but that would be unfair and cruel. Mildly amusing though. When you don’t not get the service you don’t pay for then you don’t not don’t do nothing about it, that’s for damn sure!

Anyway, if you’re a Twitternaut and you’ve got even the slightest bit of French blood in your veins (eating a baguette or croissant once does count) then you’ll just be cock-a-hoop to know that you can link arms with your local Twitter Union and steer clear of the service for today (previous caveat still applies).

But what are you to do instead? Where will you get your fix of micro-blogging? As Bob Dylan once sang: the answer, my friend, is Friendfeed. Get yourself over there and sign up if you’re not already using it. You don’t want to be a Twitter Scab do you?


All the cool people are there already. Plus me.

Author: Mark

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  1. The website link on this comment is to my pseudo-microblog that I’ve set up for the day (and also for when Twitter goes down). In my case, I’m using the day to test such alternatives, especially on a mobile platform. I’m finding some issues…

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  2. I hear ya Loud n Clear yeah!!

    seriously fer the Big Twits running that thing it’s outrageous*

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  3. Twitter?? Are you mad?? I can barely sort out basic HTML ‘n crap*

    *This is probably a good thing.

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  4. But Claire: everyone likes scabs. You just can’t leave them alone. So irresistable. You just want to keep touching them and lifting up the edges and looking at their boobs. Scabs do have boobs.

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  5. I am not a scab! and you have made me feel ill with your repugnant descriptive scab imagery.

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  6. I’m trying to imply you’re nice though. A scab, after all, covers and protects while healing takes place within. Sort of like a counsellor, you might say.

    Thank God I didn’t mention the scab’s hard and lumpy crust or things might have been so much worse.

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