Tunisian Prostitution And Islam

Courtesy of Al Jazeera I got to reading about the case of a group of Tunisian sex workers whose livelihood was violently taken away from them all in the name of morality, subsequently leaving them dependent on the state and the charity of others for support.

Tunisia sex workers demand brothel reopening

I know that some people have a problem with prostitution and that opponents can easily rattle off an interminable list of the many associated examples of sex trafficking, drug abuse, physical abuse, etc. that we’re told go hand-in-hand with the sex industry but at the core it’s a job selling a commodity, a supply satisfying a demand, and if it were regulated like a proper business, treated as a profession like any other, and left alone by the self-appointed moral interferers then those associated traits would diminish and – wibbly wobbly vision of Utopia comes into view – maybe vanish completely.

Okay, that’s not going to happen any time soon because there are far too many people in the world who seem to think that what consenting adults do with one another somehow affects them. These people are, typically, religious. And arseholes. Let’s not forget that they’re arseholes. The ones who aren’t religious are, typically, fundamentalist-minded for some other cause. And also arseholes. Let’s not forget that they’re arseholes too. What I’m trying to say here is that if what happens between two (or more) consenting adults is something you feel you’ve got an opinion on and must try to prevent or modify then you are an arsehole.

Photo by Marek Vesely

An oasis in Tunisia. You can tell it’s an oasis because there aren’t any self-appointed religious/moral guardians anywhere to be seen.

But back to the linked story about the Tunisian sex workers. This story appeared on the internet and, as such, that means that one of the laws of the internet was subsequently evoked: Commenters Will Emerge.

Where are their husbands?


Husbands are the solution to all of life’s problems. If these women had husbands then everything would be fine for no woman who ever had a husband ever suffered.

Alas! is this a state where most of the population are Muslim? Then why there exist sex slavery? Give them scope for repentance (Tauba), help them with food, shelter, dignity, if possible with husband. Those who are culprit punish them through legal court. Sex selling could not be a honorable job, hence, all should come forward to abolish it.

Dr Gazi Ullah

Sex selling is not honourable. Dr Gazi Ullah has spoken on this subject and he’s got a doctorate in Honourable Professions from the University of Honourable Employment in Honouristan (yet to break into the top 1000 of the QS World Rankings of top universities) so that should be the end of that. And, again, another man who believes that if the state can just round up a few husbands for these poor women (after they’ve repented, of course; we can’t have women enjoying sex and earning money from it, can we?) then everything should be fine.



Caps lock: a way of drawing a line under any conversation with an implied message of “and that’s the final, considered word on that subject which I don’t think anyone can possibly add to.”

Now, I’m not averse to looking at pornography but I’ve clearly missed the burgeoning vegetable sales market prevalent in the European and American porn industries (unlike this commenter who seems to be right up-to-date with all the latest goings on in porn). Certainly, I can’t seem to remember any public gangbang scenes interrupted by the stallholder wandering through asking if anyone fancies some cauliflower. That children are also being sold in this way is similarly new to me. But that the referred-to comment somehow justifies (or is that JUSTIFIES?) these veggie-porn-influenced child-selling-transactions is demonstrably wrong. That particular comment merely described how Salafists (a puritanical sect of Islam (and you thought it couldn’t get any more full of itself)) were “Hippocrates”. I wouldn’t want to be called an ancient Greek physician either. A Greek doctor once prescribed me tranquiliser for an insect bite. Incompetent git.

if brothels serve a purpose, can you prove that any of your daughter, sister is serving there?


If that comment makes any sense can you prove that there is no such thing as a non sequitur?

In true Islam, women are not seen as sex objects as they are in the west. A real Muslim woman would do anything to protect her dignity and would have self respect, not like western women who will sleep with 15 different men before even getting married!!! Heck Jeremy Kyle has made a killing off the western fiasco with regards to women being used as nothing more than sex objects. Once again, the west have just made this “freedom for women” a politically correct way for men to use women as sex slaves. At least as a Muslim I can be assured that when I get married, I’ll be marrying a virgin.


Lovely to see an appearance from the No True Scotsman logical fallacy. True Islam and real Muslims are different from all those other Islams and imaginary Muslims. Duh!

Lovely to see the Argumentum ad Jeremy Kyle logical fallacy make an appearance too. Any time you cite Jeremy Kyle as a reason for or against any argument you get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!

“At least as a Muslim I can be assured that when I get married, I’ll be marrying a virgin.” If you’re a man and you’ve made sure to honourably kill all the girls who dared to touch a man other than you then, maybe. Of course, if you’re a Muslim woman (real and imaginary) that assurance doesn’t apply and, hey, if a man sleeps around then it’s clearly honour killing time… for those girls involved. So that’s all, er, good. It must be nice to have a religion that respects women in this way, giving them preferential death options for every little deviation from the dictates of the deluded.

By Imthystyle

A breast, a thin and pointy penis (ribbed for her pleasure), and a selection of designer vibrators. No, of course not! It’s a place of devotion to a peaceful, tolerant, respectful religion that doesn’t want anyone thinking about or getting involved in sex. Unless they’re men.

I had to [protect] my daughter. Her and her friends were attacked by a behemoth (not a sexual attack). Now she has never been even smacked by me. There was no way I was going to allow any more threats made to her as there was. Lets say I negotiated a settlement. No threats were ever made again to her or her friends.


What the actual fuck! Why the hell are we wasting time reading comments from sexist morons trying to defend dominating women when there’s the bigger story of a behemoth attack? Suggested identities for a behemoth “range from a mythological creature to elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros or crocodile. Some creationists believe it to be a description of a sauropod.”

Again: what the actual fuck! Al Jazeera, you need to hunt down this commenter and get his story. We’ve got a number of eyewitness accounts of a possibly belligerent sauropod. At the very least it’s a hippo that’s open to negotiated settlements and that’s huge news too!

A fricking dinosaur! And there’s me blathering on about religious idiots. Don’t I feel stupid?

Author: Mark

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