Trying out a few things in Photoshop

Author: Mark

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  1. I like this Mark, a split toning? I see yellows and blues (but I'm color blind so I cant be sure) anyway I really like it, it's moody and dramatic. Works well here

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  2. +John Frenzel I tone mapped the original shot after generating a few different exposures from it, then duplicated it to two other layers; these were altered and then one was used to burn the original layer while the other had some other now-forgotten treatment applied. The end result was too cold so I duped it all again and warmed up the dupe before layering it back over and multiplying at a low opaqueness until it was just warm enough. That's probably the yellow you're seeing. It's definitely not how I tend to work with monochromes as I'm much more of a deep darks and high contrasts person but I figured it never hurts to play around every once in a while.

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