I was very happy to spot a transvestite walking through Chichester yesterday for a number of reasons: it's a pretty rare sight in these parts which makes someone who cross dresses a fantastic subject for photography; it's great to see someone who is confident enough to stand out and carry on with his/her normal life in what is still a borderline-abnormal way; it's heart-warming to be reminded just how mature our society is getting because almost nobody batted an eyelid at what might have been considered utterly shocking not so long ago.

Almost nobody; obviously I and +Daniel Burrows batted a few eyelids (his shots here: but only from a photographic interest point-of-view.

Now, I can't include this as part of the Hollywood Glamour sub-theme of today's #SaturdayStyle theme curated by +lynn langmade and +lane langmade (unless you imagine there's a bit of a Shirley Temple tribute taking place), but I will still submit it as part of the general +SaturdayStyle day. The shoes matched the dress and the wide, tight belt with trinkets hanging from it accentuated the female form; the cyan colour was probably a good choice too as it needed to be pale enough to not overload the necessarily heavy make-up; all-in-all, not too bad style-wise.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Great post, Mark. I imagine it would take a lotta guts to walk around like that.. Their expression says it all.

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  2. +Mark Hooper wow, this could be one of the first and best comedic takes on this theme. We will absolutely take this photo for #SAS. And really, what's fascinating is how this transvestite is attempting to convey a certain sense of feminine glamour. It might even work for the sub-theme. 🙂 Thanks so much for submitting it to #SaturdayStyle!

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