Traci Lords Triple

Traci Lords! She’s quite possibly well known for any number of other things but the two I’m going to concentrate on are her singing and her acting as I present three videos from the, er, singing actress. Now, I have to warn you that all three of these videos are erotic in different ways – very different ways; so different, in fact, that you may not even think they’re erotic at all – but none of them are pornographic. Not that there’s anything wrong with pornographic videos. I think I’ve mentioned porn and videos and Traci Lords enough now. Can’t imagine why I’m doing that.

The first clip is Control from her 1995 album 1000 Fires. I bought this album, I liked this album, I played this album a lot, and this was the stand out track from it for me. Handy then that it got released as a single and a video was made for it.

The second video is an excerpt from the 2009 movie Princess of Mars. If you’ve not seen this movie – and many people haven’t – but you have seen the big budget film John Carter then it’s definitely worth catching this to compare. I actually really enjoyed both movies. That’s right! I’m the person who liked both of those films. The princess in the film’s title is played by Traci Lords as you probably could have guessed.

I’ve saved the best and most erotic of the Traci Lords videos to last. Prepare yourself for an audiovisual treat the likes of which you’ll never forget as long as you live. Warm Up With Traci Lords is an exercise video featuring the actress and singer. It also has incredible music and rhymes from Traci. It’s truly wonderful.

Author: Mark

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