Thrown Away

Heading back from a fairly unproductive lunchtime (tomorrow's market day in the city centre so it has to be better (unless it rains (which it probably will))) I glanced at a bench as I passed it by and saw a baby's blanket left at one end; I could only assume that the baby in question had grown weary of its comfort and sought the adventure of a rough, tough, blanketless life while its guardian wasn't looking.

This evening I opened the photo up and started tinkering with some processing options until I got to the point you see below. Yes, I thought, that's it! No doubt about it! I've definitely gone way too dark on this and I'm going to have to start again.

But then another thought struck me: it's something that's been thrown away and I'm about to throw away my shot of this thrown away thing and I do declare that it's a Thursday which means there's a theme about thrown away things that this might just fit!

And thus, I'm submitting it for #ThrowAwayThursday as curated by +lynn langmade, +Doug DeTraz, and +Mary Sass Clark.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Rough, tough blanketless life.. Haha! Awesome post as usual, Mark. Thanks for thinking of us!

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