The Temple Of Heaven

For #SacredSunday curated by +Bill Wood, +Manfred Berndtgen, and +Charles Lupica.

Yet another revisit and reprocessing of a photo taken in 2008, this one being from Beijing's incredible Temple of Heaven, one of the most incredible places I've ever visited thanks to all the people taking part in all their fantastic activities: line dancing, chess, ballroom dancing, tai chi, water painting, etc. Just looking at the photos from there this morning I can see dozens of pictures I never processed at the time (well, I did take a lot, it turns out) and dozens of others – like this one – that I absolutely have to go back and reprocess at some time to bring out something new.

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Author: Mark

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  1. +Mark Hooper The light seems to radiate from the temple. Very well done. If only there were 50 or so hours in a day so we had time to process everything! Thank you for sharing with SacredSunday.

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  2. Good job. There is so much of interest on the grounds and surrounding area, yet it can seem nearly impossible to make get a shot without being overwhelmed by the elbow-to-elbow crowds.

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