The Surface Of Mars

Mars, home of Smash-loving robots and warlike creatures susceptible to coughs and the music of Slim Whitman, also known as the red planet. Because it’s red. Just a lot of red dust and rocks and mountains under a sorta pale-reddish sky. A handful of Rovers from Earth here and there, a little bit of ice on the caps, but mostly red, right?


Not so right.


Get your inquisitive, helpful self along to Planet Four and you’ll get access to one heck of a load of pictures taken of the surface of Mars from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. These photos will show different areas of the planet over the course of a year and the formations of carbon dioxide blotches or fans as the seasons alter. By analysing these images you’ll be able to aid in the mapping of wind patterns across Mars. You’ll be helping science!

Here: have some more pictures from Mars!



Below we can see the famed Spotted Dick Plateau on Mars.




These markings in the next picture look a little like tiger stripes but it would be crazy to think that Mars ever needed a means to camouflage itself among long grass when stalking prey. These are far more likely to be giant worm trails.



Vast plains covered in dried, cracked parchment. Were the ancient Martians trying to write a message that we could read across the vast distance of space. We may never know for sure but let’s assume so.




Scientists won’t confirm whether the regular channels in this next picture of Mars indicate the presence of cultivation in Martian history. But they won’t deny it either. Mostly, they won’t answer my calls.




And here we can clearly see that the native Martians have constructed a side-on portrait of one of their kings; Martians, it appears, have two mouths, probably adapted so that one can speak while the other one eats some lovely, lovely, red Mars dust.


Did I say that you should head along to Planet Four? I thought so. So why are you still reading this?

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