The Peter Mandelson Plan

The Peter Mandelson Plan

Mandelson1. Peter Mandelson is a politician.

2. Politicians are, on the whole, a bunch of self-serving, lying, power-crazed scum.

3. Peter Mandelson proposes that the families of those accused of violating copyright will have their access to the internet removed. Accused. Not proven. Not even supported with evidence. Merely, simply accused.

The Me Plan

1. I don’t like politicians.

2. Or many other groups for that matter.

3. I propose that we all let Peter Mandelson’s plan come into force and then use it against those who would strip away our own rights. Or those who just annoy me. I suggest that:

  • every politician,
  • every member of the music and film industry who actually thinks it’s anything other than a maturing audience and their crappy business model and crappier output at fault for any drop in barely-earned revenue,
  • every journalist who simply spins a corporate line and feeds us all bullshit,
  • every person connected in some way with a media corporation run by someone whose surname rhymes with Burdock,
  • every politician (in case some were missed the first time),
  • every person who types in capital letters,
  • every person who regularly mixes up the words "your" and "you’re" (or any of the other commonly-confused character concoctions),
  • everybody still using Internet Explorer 6,
  • every politician (you can never be too sure)

is subjected to continual copyright violation accusations. Get them all off the net. It’s not as if any of them really have the faintest clue what it’s for or how it all works anyway. And it’ll free up some bandwidth to grab the latest shows from America quicker too.

Author: Mark

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  1. As a colonial who has hardly heard of him, Mandy seems a very strange chap.

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  2. lets not forget here that mandelson is unelected and a despot. He has no democratic legitimacy. This is all about the might of big business who want corporate clones in every household. Mandelson is just their puppet.

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