The Painted Lady

A misty morning – a lovely, misty morning with sun punching through to the east that I'd have loved to capture if I hadn't been tearing my way down the A27 at the time in order to get to work (there's always something spoiling a good shot) – gave way to a very warm and pleasant afternoon but I wasn't able to set up in my usual spot in Chichester at lunchtime as my new camera-wielding nemesis was there ahead of me. Instead, I adjourned to North Street and experienced the disappointment of glaring sunshine one way and not a lot of interest the other. Still, I did manage to catch this wonderfully decorated girl.

I also managed to catch the attention of another woman while shooting who thought I'd snapped her (I hadn't) and I then had to look even more innocent than I really was in order to avoid any enquiries from her rather large boyfriend.

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Author: Mark

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