The Four Of Us Are Dying

This is what happens when you download the new, free Nine Inch Nails album "The Slip" (from and spot the lovely Creative Commons licence that actively encourages derivative works and sharing. You go and grab some public domain film footage from The Internet Archive – in this case the awesome "Perversion For Profit" propaganda – and you throw the lot together to produce a video for the track "The Four Of Us Are Dying".

Well, you do if you’re me.

Please note: whilst not explicit this video does contain footage that could be described as titillating to those of you of Amish heritage.

Author: Mark

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  1. I don’t know about you but that octopussy really got the tanks stirred right around the 2:03 mark…..Mark. Good to see porn has gone a long way too. I mean how did they get all those images of our Mothers?

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  2. Gah!! There was a girl there who looked like my old kindergarten teacher!!

    She was once in a terribly risque Aveeno advertisement. In a tub. Covered with bubbles and showing an elbow!! And as we ALL know, an advert for oatmeal soap can only lead to this sort of thing.

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  3. I’m of Amish heritage and would have found this to have been highly titillating had the horse pulling the wheel that powered my potato-based computer not fallen to a terrible fugue that I can only assume was God intervening to make sure I didn’t see the video.

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