The Duke

This was a man I spotted in La Rambla, Barcelona, last month. His purposeful stride through the mingling tourists caught my eye and I grabbed a shot as soon as a gap opened up.

Looking at the full-size shot there are some tiny elements that I couldn't have seen at the time and yet make this guy especially notable to me now. I love the way his jacket hangs; I love the way his right trouser leg is rucked up at the front; I love that there's a little stain around the thigh area of his left trouser leg (do not stop to consider what caused it, do not stop to consider what caused it); I love that he's carrying a folder full of documents under his arm; and I especially love that in his right jacket pocket – angled just perfectly – is a paperback book with the words "John Wayne" just visible at the top.

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Author: Mark

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